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Invoice Factoring

Miyako Financial offers Receivable Financing across several industries: Textile and Fashion Construction Manufacturing Wholesale Professional Services Miyako Financial advances up to 90% of the invoices depending on the industry and the quality of the account debtors. The process is simple

PO Financing

Miyako Financial offers assistance and financing to its clients at every step of the business cycle. Purchase Order Financing is a program particularly advantageous for companies experiencing rapid growth. Miyako Financial can help sustain such growth providing the funds necessary

Asset Based Loans

Miyako Financial allows its clients to leverage all the equity they have in any real asset regardless of any mortgages per-existing on the property. In the State of California in Particular, Miyako Financial can very easily provide second mortgages on

Cash Flow Financing

Cash Flow Financing is Miyako Financial’s most flexible programs. With minimum underwriting requirements, this programs allows Miyako’s Financial’s clients to receive financing in as little as 3 business days provided that all the documentation required is readily available. This program

Trucks Financing

Miyako Financial has extensive expertise in vehicle financing. This program is available mainly for used trucks dealerships or owner operators with good track record. In this case Miyako Financial is able to provide financing against the equity in the vehicle

Invoices Management

Non borrowing clients can still take advantage of Miyako Financial’s expertise in managing, tracking and collecting invoices.